Military and Tactical Accessories, including Concealed Weapon Pouches or Holsters, Thigh Rig Pouches, Hydration Carriers and Field Gear or Equipment Belts, are all made according to the highest possible standards using military specification materials.

All Myform textile Military and Tactical Accessories are designed to make a combatant’s life easier when out on operations.

If there is any other accessory that you require, and would like to manufacture using our expertise, please contact us to discuss options and design.


    Modular Integrated Communications (MICH)
    Material: 100% Kevlar.
    Weight: 1.36 kg (medium) to 1.63 kg (extra large). It uses a new,
    A pad system and four-point retention system.
    Can be fitted with a mounting bracket for an AN/PVS-14 monocular night vision device (MNVD) on the front.


    Material: 100% Aramid composition (Kevlar or twaron fiber)
    Weight: 1,350 ±50
    Interior Top protection net mesh suspension type, 4 point chin strap-harness system
    NIJ-STD-0106.01 9mm FMJ, 124 grain, 1400±50 FPS
    NIJ-STD-0106.01 9mm 44 Mag, SWC-GC, 240 grain, 1400 +/- 50 FPS
    MIL-STD-662F V50=650m/s, 0.22 Caliber, 17grain (MIL-P-46593)


    Protection level IIIA+ (No metal)
    Material: 100% PE helmet.
    Weight: 1.45 kg max
    Fire retardant coating
    Interior top protection net mesh suspension type 4 point chin strap-harness system
    NIJ standard 0106.01 HP White certified
    Optional: Ballistic neck protector / No screws helmet

  • Compact bag with hidden pocket for guns

    Holds a mid to full sized weapon with ease.
    Velcro mounted internal holster.
    Sturdy handle plus detachable fully extended shoulder strap.
    In addition to the gun compartment you’ll find another large zippered compartment the full height and width of the bag, plus lots of smaller compartments for essentials.

  • Bag with hidden pocket for guns

    A trim and compact option for carrying your handgun plus the essentials. The zippered dedicated weapon compartment features a Velcro mounted GUN holster and 2 quick release tabs. The other interior section is outfitted with organizer slots and pockets.

  • Belt Bags with hidden pocket for guns

    Features a Velcro mounted handgun holster that can be set up to accommodate a right or left-handed shooter.
    Quick release tabs on left and right for easy access to the pistol.
    Extra belt loop on the back to help distribute the weight of your weapon.
    Also features a separate large zippered compartment for wallet or other essentials.
    Available in 2 sizes to fit a variety of firearms.

  • Adjustable tactical belts

    Selection of concealable or expos tactical belts.
    Manufactured according to the client specific needs.
    Can hold any selection of pouches.

  • MOLLE Hydration System

    The MOLLE hydration system ergonomic design keeps it comfortable for hours. Quick-release straps stow away inside built-in pockets to allow easy integration with load-bearing equipment or web harness platforms.

  • TurtleSkin tactical gloves

    TurtleSkin tactical gloves offer unsurpassed needle, knife and razor protection for military, police and security guards.
    TurtleSkin tactical gloves provide the most advanced personal protective solution.
    TurtleSkin’s patented, high performance fabrics deliver excellent protection from HIV, hepatitis C and other blood borne diseases that can be transmitted from needle sticks. If these threats are all in a day’s work for you, trust TurtleSkin to make your job safer!