Dry storage solutions

Myform’s dry storage solutions offer effective strategies for the proper protection of equipment, weaponry and textiles.

With Myform’s extensive experience in dry storage systems for multipurpose equipment, we can create solutions based on existing storage structures, or develop new structures customized to specific requirements.

Myform’s solutions have been implemented in the dry storage of tanks, APCs, trucks, mechanical equipment and more.

Myform has developed effective storage systems for war reserve stocks that include a wide range of perishable and sensitive items, such as emergency equipment, food, munitions and electronics.

  • Two Part Covers

    The cover made of two pieces. The bottom piece is laid on the ground, then plywood is put in place as a floor and the equipment is positioned on top of the plywood. Finally, the upper cover is placed over the equipment and joined to the bottom with a either zippers, hook & loop fasteners, snaps or lanyard cord.

  • Interior Dry Air Zone

    In many older military bases, large buildings are available for rain protection, but are not sealed to control humidity. Often they would be too large and not cost-effective to be seal.
    A simple interior sealing sheet over light frame, Utilize the interior space to create an Interior dry air zone, without the need to seal the entire exterior envelope.

  • Fabric On Frame Shelter

    When topography, mobility, flexibility, time or budgets are issues, FOF is the answer.
    It can be built in any size and allows accessibility to the equipment.