Krav Maga equipment

Krav Maga (Contact Combat) is a self defense technique. It was originally developed for the Israeli Defense and Security Forces and has since been used by military and law enforcement personnel around the world.

Myform’s Krav Maga equipment has been designed with direct input from Israeli elite unit and governmental agency combatants, and is based on ongoing field experience. Myform’s Krav Maga equipment has been tested and approved by the Israeli ISA & IDF.

  • Chest Armor For Krav Maga

    Patterned according to the Israeli IAS security academy requirements. Zipped in the back with buckles or by tying. Excellent trauma protection.

  • Protective Suites

    Light contact training suits. will allow more effective training without the increasing risk of injuries.

  • Leg protection

    Professional outdoor shell waterproof fabric leg guard, that gives shin & ankle protection.

  • Hand Protector

    Offer an effective protection to the hand & arm while blocking. The foam padding is securely attached to the stretchable cloth.

  • Practice Cushion For Cold Weapons

    Leather cushion suited for heavy ripping. Four grip straps.

  • Pro Glove

    A premium leather sparring glove that is designed for endless hard work.

  • Helmets

    A selection of professional training protective helmets, which have been designed to protect sensitive areas in the head.